Inspiration behind Monarch Press: Part II

Part II

The Plan for MPC

 ...Continued from Part I

A few moons later, I was walking in the woods with a friend and her pup. I had previously told the story (found in Part I) to my friend. She then proceeded to tell me that weird stuff always happens to me, in leu of what I just told her. So we’re just walking along and I start to sing this tune, and then my friend goes, “are you singing the limbo song?” Me: “HOLY SHIT YEAH.” Little did I even think about was the fact that limbo does have a song. And its the song where you Limbo under a broom stick or whatever stick, but I was singing that song in the woods, after all of this crazy limbo stuff happened. THEN I look down and see a beautiful Monarch butterfly in the middle of the trail. I went to go touch it thinking it would immediately fly away but it didn’t, it was dead. Perfectly delicate in every way, except one thing. The body was gone, but the eyes were still there. I didn’t notice this part about the butterfly until I was home, looking at it in my hand. And then it really made me think about Gare and Mack, and how their physical bodies are no longer here but their eyes and spirits still remain. 

Diving deeper and thinking about the process of the caterpillar and the butterfly. How it comes into this world a little bug, a worm. Decides its time to change, goes through this huge transformation, and comes out on the otherside a beautiful creature. Butterfly as a spirit message is change, creativity, a deep connection with souls, endless potential, & spiritual rebirth. The Native Americans associated it with resurrection and a miracle of transformation. 

For both Gare & Mack, this is the evolution that lives on in the Monarch. To not only contribute, but to set an example of how to influence others into their own transformation

We would donate to organizations that support the well being and spiritual growth of people. We plan to share resources on how to deal with life in the physical, mental, spiritual & emotional challenges it throws our way. For Garrett, he left earth because he struggled with addiction. For Mack, because of his struggle with depression.

With that focus in mind, Monarch Press Collections plans to donate a percentage to any organization that is helping people make those minor or major transitions or transformations in their life. This could come in the form of money, donated time or energy.

Have an idea in mind for Monarch Press Collections? Please reach out to

And with that ends my story, my passion, my continuous daily struggles.
You are not alone.