Inspiration behind Monarch Press: Part I

Part I

Formerly known as Thyme & Twine;

The inspiration behind Monarch Press Collection 


To start this off lets share a little bit about who Sanni is and and what lights her up.
Sanni is the name, crafting is the game.
A little background; Cassandra, Sanni, grew up in a small town in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. Went on to some schooling in the same state, and did the whole traveling thing for about a year or so. She then returned to NH and continued to travel from her home base, starting Thyme & Twine after a trip to Costa Rica in March 2018. Honoring her influences wisely, she was lucky enough to hold relationships with people she met when she was young.
You could say they’re my soul family, ya kno the kind that you don’t have to communicate with everyday but you just know their there if you ever needed anything. We connect, we click, we did what any normal teenager would have done.
Now let’s shift, Sanni is 28 years young. She is a certified yoga instructor with a certification in reiki energy healing as well. For the past 3 years she has worked at a Natural Foods Store buying gifts, produce, & spices. In this part of her life she has also found communities, friendships, & soul family sparks. With out both parties, she wouldn’t be who or where she is today. 
So here’s part one of the story that led to all this crazy name changing stuff:
from Sanni’s perspective
I have dreams, all of the time, that I remember vividly. So it was any normal night, and I was just ya know, dreamin’, when along comes my good friend who generally visits me in dreams. He had passed away about 2 years prior to this particular night. Now we would generally meet in this “dream” and just sit and chat on a park bench under a weeping willow tree. There was a dirt road that led up to the tree and the bench, then went off in both directions - not really sure where it was headed or where it came from. So one day we were just sitting on that bench, like we’ve done for the past 2 years since he passed. We were chatting, maybe laughing, just connecting with out even having to speak. We look to the road ahead and along comes another friend, who had just recently passed away. I look at this person who is walking up the dirt road and I’m like wait what, no one else has ever walked this road before, no one has ever interrupted this “dream.” So I look at this figure, I look at G and then we both look back at him and realized we know who it is. As he comes close enough to recognize us he starts to talk:
“Sanni? What are you doing here?”
I say “uhh i don’t know I just meet G here.”
(Now let’s pause for a second and let me explain to you that I don’t know where “here” is.)
Then he looks at G and asks the same question.
“Garrett, what are you doing here?” And he has the same reply as me.
“I don’t know, I just meet Sanni here.”
So here the three of us are, all standing trying to figure out where here is. Then it dawns on me... We’re in freakin’ LIMBO.
Limbo in my definition is a place between the two worlds. The living and the dead. It is a place where spirits go when they have left earth and aren’t prepared to move on to the other side for whatever reason.
Mind you when it clicked for me and I knew where we were, I thought. How the fuck has Garrett been ‘stuck‘ here for 2 years. Did he know what he was doing? Does he have another chance to move on? So many things came flooding in and yet another was Mack standing right in front of us in limbo asking what we were doing here.
And that was the end of the “dream.” So I went on with my slumber and didn’t think much of this dream until I really started talking about it with people and telling them what happened.
-In another area of my life I was planning a reiki circle at the studio I worked for. This circle was just focused on connecting with fellow practitioners in the area. -
As the circle started we all filled the room, some familiar faces, new faces, my reiki master, my boss, were all in that room, about 20 of us. We all started sharing around the circle how reiki comes in for us in different ways. Some shared stories of feelings or emotions, visions and sensations. When it was my turn I decided to share that reiki comes to me in many forms, but mostly in dreams. As I started to talk more about this I felt the urge to share the story about Garrett and Mack. I couldn’t even get through half of the story with out hysterically crying. I even tried to pass off my time but I was encouraged to take my time and share. I needed to get my words out to this group. Towards the end of the story I was mostly directing questions to my reiki master asking her, was this limbo? What did this mean? Why did they come to me? And she answered in that moment, but I couldn’t hold on to that information, so I reached out again and this was her reply. 
“Limbo is a space between both worlds.  It not negative but sometimes it just means they cannot let go of the physical world. I saw one ( I believe his name was Mac) rise in a very beautiful way. I was so in awe of watching I forgot the other man.  One of my guys saw both of them rising.  I think they came to you because they trusted you would either give them permission or just be there for them.  All I felt was so much love and kindness between you and the both of them.  You will know when you can stop sending Reiki. I had a similar experience with my sister in law who I loved dearly.  I kept sending her Reiki and then one night I found myself praying to her not for her, so I knew she was where she belonged.  Hope this makes sense.  I loved every minute of last night and so in awe of all your beautiful light.
The fact that your friends chose you speaks volume to your pure heart.”
A few days later, I had our dream, under the willow tree, and Gare met me there. This time he reached out his hand, touched my shoulder, and I could feel it in a way that wasn’t like any other time before. In that moment I knew that he was on the other side, because I wasn’t worried for him, he was where he needed to be. 
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